The Sky Penthouse: The World's Most Expensive Apartment


As the world's population continues to grow, so does the demand for high-end real estate. For those who have deep pockets and a penchant for luxury living, the world's most expensive apartments offer the ultimate in opulence and comfort. One such apartment, known as "Sky Penthouse," located in Monaco, is considered to be the world's most expensive apartment.

The Sky Penthouse, situated on the top floor of the Odeon Tower in Monaco, covers an area of 5,600 square meters and spans five floors. The apartment boasts breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and is equipped with a private infinity pool, a cinema room, a gym, a sauna, and a steam room. The apartment's unique feature is its private slide, which connects the top floor to the living room on the floor below, offering a fun and quirky way to move around the house.

The Sky Penthouse's interior is just as impressive as its exterior, featuring a modern design with high-end materials and finishes. The apartment has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a spacious living area that can accommodate up to 500 people. The property also has a dedicated staff area that includes a kitchen, a dining room, and a laundry room.

So how much does this luxurious abode cost? Well, the Sky Penthouse was initially listed for sale at a whopping €350 million, which is equivalent to around $400 million. This price tag made it the most expensive apartment ever listed for sale globally. However, the apartment eventually sold for a reduced price of €240 million ($279 million) in 2019, making it still the most expensive apartment ever sold in the world.

The Sky Penthouse's sale price is not entirely surprising, given Monaco's reputation as a tax haven and playground for the rich and famous. The principality's small size and exclusive location make it a highly sought-after destination for the world's wealthiest individuals. The Odeon Tower itself is also considered to be one of Monaco's most luxurious residential buildings, with an array of amenities and services, including 24-hour concierge and security, a private spa, and a fitness center.

The Sky Penthouse's sale has certainly set a new benchmark for luxury real estate, but it remains to be seen if any other property will be able to surpass it in the future. Regardless, the Sky Penthouse will undoubtedly remain a symbol of luxury and extravagance for years to come, and its lucky owner can revel in the knowledge that they own one of the most coveted properties in the world.

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