Experts' opinion on Putin's resignation from the post of president


At the moment it remains uncertain when Vladimir Putin’s presidency, in Russia will come to an end. Having been in power for over twenty years, Putin has held roles as both president and prime minister since 1999. His current presidential term began in May 2018. It finishes in 2024. However, there are indications suggesting that Putin might pursue another term potentially extending his presidency until 2030.

Numerous experts speculate that Putin is likely to maintain his position of authority for the future primarily due to changes in Constitution of Russia implemented in 2020. Widely regarded as one of the worlds powerful leaders, Putin possesses a firm grip on the Russian political system. He has meticulously cultivated a personality cult around himself and resonates with Russians through his image as an strong leader.

Furthermore, Putin has power within the Russian government and security services. By forming a network of loyalists within the Kremlin and key positions throughout agencies and the military he wields substantial control over both political and economic systems, within the country.

Despite these factors, there are some indications that suggest Putin may seek to extend his presidency beyond 2024.

It remains uncertain whether Putin will seek reelection in 2024 or if he has any intention of relinquishing his power. Predicting the end of Putin’s presidency is a task considering his political acumen and strategic thinking. He will undoubtedly assess factors before making any decisions, about his future. Nevertheless, one thing is evident: Putin’s influence will persist both within Russia and on the stage for many years to come.

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